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At first I would like to indebt to Serguei Shustov for his support with the high-quality photographes of Gatchina.

My Family:


We live in Gatchina at the beginning of Pavel the 1st street

We like to walk in our town parks around lakes

The landscape parks, occupying an area of 700 hectare, are enlivened by the calm waters of picturesque lakes, ponds, and canals. The arbitrarily scattered bridges, terraces, obelisks, piers, and gates made of local limestone add a romantic air to the beautiful scenery.

The palace and park complex of Gatchina is an outstanding example of eighteenth-century landscape architecture. The palace, built in the Early Classical Style to a design by Antonio Rinaldi between 1766 and 1781, was enlarged by Vincenzo Brenna in 1796 - 1798, and reconstructed by Roman Kuzmin between 1845 and 1860. 

Unfortunately, I have not with me pictures shown how me and my family like to spend our holidays. I have only one. You can see my son on it in surroundings of the lake Hadata-yugan-lor. It was 8 years ago. This is Polar Ural, mountain region in the north of Russia behind of Polar Circle.  I like Polar Ural and this love grew out of my obsession with North.